20 August 2020
Daniel’s story inspires loyalty to God in young people

Daniel and his three friends inspired young people in Bassa to strengthen their relationships with God.

Forty-one young people from ECWA NEPA A church in Bassa on the outskirts of Jos, spent a day with our Jos volunteer team talking through the issues they face including work, corruption, poverty and rape.

“We used the story of Daniel, from the Old Testament, to help uncover what these issues mean in their lives today and how they can respond,” explained international coordinator Tassie Ghata.

Some young people are school pupils, some are at university and others are working. All were living at home because of Covid and summer holidays.

“What stood out to the young people is that their world is not that different to Daniel’s. At the end they said three things really stood out for them.”

Firstly, that Daniel and his three friends had personal relationships with God, they knew God and God was with them. Some of the young people realised they did not know God in the same way and wanted to do so.

Secondly, Daniel and his friends were resolved in their heart to honour and obey God. They were determined not to defile themselves by material possessions, food offered to idols and sex.

Thirdly, Daniel and his friends were diligent in fulfilling their responsibilities, even though this involved serving in the Babylonian court. They were not lazy people, instead balancing work with loyalty to God.

The workshop ended with a time of counselling for all young people who wanted to, with many rededicating their lives to Christ or making first commitments.

One young man stands out for Tassie. “He shared that the workshop had changed him but he was worried that when he left he would revert back to his normal life. We counselled him and he made up his mind to rededicate his life. On 17 August he died; we are certain he is with Christ.”

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