23 March 2020
Lafia churches open their doors

Churches in Lafia are excited to be joining Grace & Light’s ministry and are opening their doors to our local volunteer team, following a visit from the Jos headquarters team.

Already Lafia volunteers have visited two churches, sharing the gospel of social righteousness, counselling and testing for HIV/AIDS during Sunday services.

International coordinator Tassie Ghata and programme office Pofi Josiah visited Lafia at the end of January.

They began their visit with a Saturday workshop for invited church pastors and leaders from 12 churches. Forty-five people attended the day long workshop.

“We were able to share Grace & Light’s vision in more detail than they will hear during a Sunday service,” explained Tassie. “We also spoke about how churches can partner with us and how we support our partner churches.

“Our visit was about strengthening the relationships between these churches and the Lafia volunteer team members.”

Then Saturday evening through to Sunday afternoon was for the Lafia volunteers. Initially, the focus was on their performance in 2019, what worked well and where they believe they could improve.

Next they looked at hopes and plans for 2020 and where the Lafia team would like support from head office. This was followed by a discussion about the issues they face during church and school visits.

“We also included a practical session is which we checked their counselling and testing techniques and shared ways they could develop these,” said Tassie.

Lafia volunteers have committed to following up the pastors they met at the workshop and arranging more visits more regularly.

Please pray for:

  • Regular visits being organised for Sunday services. At the moment Nigerian churches are still open
  • Introductions to pastors not at the January workshop, that they will be open and interested in the Lafia team visiting their churches.
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