26 May 2019
Monitoring visit to support Yola workers

Persecution is an increasing challenge for Christians in north eastern Nigeria, with Grace & Light teaching how Christians should respond in ways that honour God.

Local congregations and their leaders in Yola appreciate support from our Yola team workers Tony Sudan and Tari Bitrus, plus volunteer team members. They in turn need encouragement from our Jos headquarters.

Thus, in April International coordinator Tassie Ghata, lifesharing coordinator Ibrahim Bitrus and security guard Salomon Ibrahim spent five days in Yola. Some of their time was spent auditing activities, planning work, sharing new initiatives and praying. 

They also visited COCIN Regional Church Council offices in Yola, meeting with chairman Barnabas Kpasham who studied at TCNN and was a Grace & Life life sharing member while a student in Jos.

“The council secretary and two committee members joined Barnabas for our meeting,” said Tassie. “We were able to share what we do and what Grace & Light is all about. They were excited to welcome us and will open doors into COCIN churches for the Yola team.”

Two days later Tassie and Tony led a day workshop for pastors and church leaders who are already Grace & Light members in Yola. Forty-five people attended and discussed issues of social righteousness, persecution, corruption and sexual and gender-based violence in their communities.

Additionally, Tassie, Ibrahim and Salomon took boxes of books from BookAid to sell to local people with the income helping to fund ministry in Yola.













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