Financial Desperation as Economy Implodes in Nigeria

The economic meltdown in Nigeria is having a huge impact on ordinary people and intensifying ordinary moments of temptation as people struggle to feed their families.

Again and again our volunteer groups are hearing cries of desperation from husbands who can’t find work and wives who want to leave husbands who are not earning enough to support their families. Family breakups are causing children to turn to crime to survive.

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Students Making Real Change Happen

Secondary school students are determined to change Nigerian society from one focused on small acts of corruption to one focused on social righteousness.

After hearing Grace & Light volunteer teams share the gospel of social righteousness the are thinking positively about how they can make Nigeria a better place in the next ten years.

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Overcoming Exam Malpractices

Nigerian teachers are surprised, and pleased, to hear they are supposed to take care of their students, during Grace & Light education workshops.

Many teachers say they didn’t realise they are supposed to safeguard and nurture students as parents do; or that students do badly when they see their teachers are corrupt.

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Miango Churches Open Their Doors

More churches in Miango are opening their doors to Grace & Light following a meeting with senior pastors from 27 local churches.

The pastors whole heartedly welcomed operations manager Pofi Josiah and monitoring officer Alfred Ebrahim, who shared how our volunteer teams work with local church leaders and congregations.

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Celebrating 13 Years of Book Fairs

Book fairs are transforming people’s lives and Grace & Light’s ministry.

Grace & Light has been selling second hand books in Jos for 13 years to help fund ministry in Nigeria.

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