Bukuru churches embrace gender champions

Churches in Bukuru have signed up to our Gender Champions Programme to help reduce gender-based violence in their congregations and local communities.

Fifty-nine leaders from 22 churches in Bukuru, a rural area near Jos, participated in Grace & Light’s day-long workshop hosted by RCC Rnkyeng Community.

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Raising sensitive issues from the pulpit

Pastors say that inviting Grace & Light into their churches allows them to raise sensitive topics with their congregations and to strengthen their ministries.

Without Grace & Light volunteer team visits they would be stymied against raising issues that are considered outside the remit of Christian leaders, like politics, corruption and violence in the home.

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What makes a Godly leader?

Civic and business leaders are more aware of what social righteousness means in practice for themselves and their organisations following Grace & Light’s annual Leadership Conference.

In late September 76 leaders joined our three day conference in Miango Rest Home outside Jos. They came from across Plateau State and represented churches, charities, government organisations, theology schools, missionary organisations and local companies.

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Men’s Fellowships Strengthened

Local churches are expecting to see husbands, fathers and sons returning to church as their men’s outreach work strengthens following a social righteousness workshop near Mangu.

Eighty-seven men’s fellowship leaders in 19 COCIN churches joined Grace & Light’s workshop in mid-July. They left with a deeper understanding of their responsibilities in their churches and a commitment to fulfil them.

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Love overcomes resentment and anger

Church members continue to recommit themselves to Christ in every church Grace & Light visits to share the gospel during Sunday services.

Many say that until our volunteer teams visit, they don’t know why they have been coming to church. They go out of habit, to please family members or show they are good Christians in their communities.

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Financial support to continue learning

Over the summer holidays secondary school students have been dropping into Grace & Light’s offices to share their stories.

They come from different local towns and schools where the Jos volunteers have previously visited. Many are afraid they would have to drop out at the start of the new school year because their families are now unable to pay the school fees.

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