Leading with Integrity

Integrity, righteousness, solitude, forgiveness, waiting for God are the themes that stood out for delegates during this year’s leadership conference.

They committed to being ambassadors of social righteousness, bring change in their communities and places of work, leading with integrity and standing on the truth.

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UK Walkers Support Nigerian Workshops

Fundraising walks in northern and southern England raise much needed funds for our social righteousness ministry in Nigeria.

Both walks  raised £390 for for the social righteousness workshops our Jos headquarters team deliver regularly in churches across Nigeria.

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Bringing a Culture of Saving

Grace & Light members in local churches are saving part of their incomes and investing in each other’s small businesses to reduce the poverty in their lives.

They are members of one of the 26 Voluntary Savings and Accountability Groups (VSAG) active in many of the churches across Jos and Yola.

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Church Leaders Support Gender and Masculinity Training

COCIN pastors in Rankyeng-Gyel commit to supporting the Gender Champions programme in their churches following our SGBV workshop for church leaders.

Ninety-two pastors, their wives, female leaders and church secretaries from 18 churches attended the workshop at our Jos headquarters in early August.

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Gender Champions for Jos Churches

One hundred and sixty people have graduated as Gender Champions for their congregations, following Grace & Light’s most recent sexual and gender-based violence training for local congregations.

They are now training members in eight Jos churches – COCIN Tanchol, COCIN Brightway, COCIN Rukuba Road, ECWA Taraya, COCIN Takum, COCIN Kabong, COCIN Bassa and COCIN Lyoh Gyel.

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Teachers Commit to Social Righteousness

Many Nigerian secondary school teachers have the mindset that they are just passing time in their jobs until a better work offer comes along. They are not committed to doing their best for their students.

At Grace & Light’s annual teachers conference in September they were able to share how they feel, as well as explore the challenges they face and how God sees their young charges.

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COCIN Executives Embrace Social Righteousness

All seven members of COCIN RCC Jos executive council are supporting Grace & Light’s partnership with their local churches.

International coordinator Tassie Ghata and operations manager Pofi Josiah met the executive council members at the end of May to share our focus on social righteousness and how Grace & Light works with church leaders.

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EYN Leaders Support Social Righteousness

EYN church leaders and pastors better understand what social righteousness means for their congregations following a Grace & Light presentation.

Operations manager Pofi Josiah spoke in depth about sexual and gender-based violence, poverty and wealth, corruption in the workplace and politics from God’s perspective.

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It’s Not Your Fault

People who have been abused have long memories of what they have suffered at the hands of their abusers; their pain stays with them impacting their self-perceptions and relationships.

Then when they come face-to-face with Jesus the pain rises to the surface and they are able to resolve the hurt and feelings of guilt that the abuse is somehow their fault.

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Encouraging Students to Honour God

Substance abuse, gambling, bullying, sex, abusive relationships are common issues facing Nigerian secondary school students. Who can they trust to help them cope with these issues?

Teenagers face the same relationship and self-worth issues adults face; not only in Nigeria but around the world. They want and need someone to help them cope. Grace & Light volunteers are there for them when they can’t turn to family.

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