People Deepen Their Commitment to Honouring God

Christians deepen their commitment to live lives that honour God when challenged about their lifestyles.

More than 3,300 people heard Grace & Light’s call to live lives of social righteousness at five very well attended events during January.

They made first commitments or recommitted their lives to Christ, promised to change the ways they behaved within their families and at work, and to vote for credible politicians.

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Congregations Strengthen Relationships

Social righteousness continued to be a popular and relevant focus for workshops for church congregations during February.

Over six hundred people who attended two workshops in Lafia and Dong Kassa committed to supporting their partners through struggles, or each other as they start small businesses.

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Pastors Support Gender Champions Programme

COCIN and ECWA church leaders have greater understanding of the sexual and gender-based violence many of their congregation members face.

Thirty-eight pastors from a dozen COCIN and ECWA churches in the wider Jos area attended a half-day workshop in mid-March in preparation for their churches introducing the Gender Champions training programme.

The workshop explored root causes of sexual and gender-based violence, signs to look out for, how to support victims and hold perpetrators accountable for their actions.

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Celebrating 20 Years

There is much to celebrate in our first 20 years – HIV/AIDS losing its stigma, open doors and pulpits in churches, loyal and active volunteers, seeds germinating in young people’s lives, generous supporters around the world.

Grace & Light was formed 20 years ago, in 2003, in a revelation to our chair Mark Hopkins following the AIDS-related death of someone he regarded as a daughter.

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Warm Welcome for Tassie Ghata in the United Kingdom

London to Littlehampton and back again; then Sheffield, Doncaster and remote Kirkby Stephen before London once more.

International coordinator Tassie Ghata spent two weeks in England during March, meeting supporters, strengthening relationships and updating congregations on what is happening in Nigeria.

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Social Righteousness Focus Reduces Election Violence

Nigeria’s election in February was far more peaceful than expected, especially given many Christians believe the election was stolen. Grace & Light is taking some of the credit for this unexpected peace.

During January and February volunteer teams shared the gospel perspective on politics and voting in elections, encouraging people to vote for people who put serving their communities before then own advancement.

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